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Our criminal defence lawyers in Perth have extensive experience in acting for all persons requiring advice and representation in a broad range of criminal matters in both State and Federal jurisdictions.

Our criminal lawyers appreciate that allegations of a criminal nature can be confronting and stressful, and endeavour to ensure our clients receive sound, confidential advice in order to achieve the best possible outcome for their case. 

Importantly, our criminal lawyers will help you understand the Court process, your rights and obligations and advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case, in particular, whether you have a viable defence or if you are criminally liable.

Perth Criminal Lawyers, Barristers & Solicitors  

As one of the leading criminal defence law firms in Perth, we offer representation across all jurisdictions with a particular focus on matters in the District and Supreme Courts of Western Australia. In the event that you dispute the outcome of your case, our criminal lawyers also conduct appeals in the Western Australian Court of Appeal and High Court of Australia. 

Urgent Advice 

It is important that you do not make any admissions or enter a plea to any charges until you receive legal advice. This also applies if you are arrested and detained for a Police Interview on suspicion of a criminal charge.

In the event that you require urgent advice in relation to a criminal charge or investigation, preliminary advice can be provided by telephone. To speak to our criminal defence lawyers, barristers and solicitors, call us on (08) 9289 9888.  

See below for more information on the areas of Criminal Law we specialise in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am being investigated for a crime, do I have to answer the Police’s questions?

You are obliged by law to provide your name, date of birth and regular address to the Police upon request, as well as proof of ID. 

You are not obliged to answer any other questions put to you by the Police. “No comment” is a perfectly acceptable answer to any further questions you are asked.

Will you travel out to my local court?

Our lawyers have appeared in many of the regional or rural courts all over Western Australia. Whilst much of our work occurs in the Perth metro area, our lawyers are happy to discuss whether travelling out to you, wherever you are, is required. 

If sufficient notice is given, our lawyers can arrange to appear on your behalf in any Court in the State, from Kununurra in the North, Esperance to the South, and all the Courts in between.

How much will it cost?

The amount of your legal fees will depend on the nature of your charges, how you wish to proceed to deal with the charges, and how many charges you are facing. 

Some aspects of criminal procedure are standard across all the courts and an accurate estimate for matters such as submissions or appearances at mention hearings can be provided within a day or so of reviewing your documentation.
Some matters are more complex and require a detailed analysis and case theory to be developed, which is sometimes more expensive. 

Contact our lawyers to discuss your criminal inquiry, how you want to proceed, and your budget to see if we can assist you with your matter. 

We do not offer pro-bono or no-win-no-fee options for criminal matters.

How long will it all take?

The duration of your criminal case will depend on factors such as: 

- When you were charged
- How many times you have been to court on this matter before
- When your matter is next listed in court
- How many charges you are facing; and
- Whether you plead guilty or not guilty 

Waiting times in court depend on the individual court’s workload, and whether you plead guilty or proceed to trial. 

Through experience, our lawyers can provide you with an estimate as to how long the process you are looking at will take based on the above factors.
Call our criminal lawyers to discuss how to get your criminal charges moving quickly towards a resolution.

What happens if I plead guilty?

If you plead guilty to a charge or charges, you are admitting that you committed the offence you are accused of, and all the elements of that offence, as set out in the Statement of Material Facts. 

Your matter will then proceed to sentencing. A submission to the court on your behalf can be made, which is known as a Plea in Mitigation. Our office can advise you about documents to gather in support of your character to tender to Court on your behalf. Our lawyers regularly appear in court to perform Pleas in Mitigation on behalf of persons who have pleaded guilty.

Contact our office to speak to one of our lawyers today about how we can assist and advise you through the pleading and sentencing process.

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