Chapter 9 of the Criminal Code provides for a wide range of offences which are generally considered to be related to “breach of the peace”. These include:

  • Disorderly, indecent or obscene acts in public
  • Procuring prostitution
  • Organising out-of-control gathering

Broadly speaking, such offences are deemed to be acts which are likely to or have actually caused offence, annoyance or nuisance to a member or members of the public.

Such offences are brought by the Police on behalf of members of the public, on public interest grounds.

Such charges can be embarrassing, but the effects of a conviction of this nature can be very serious and affect employment and travel prospects.

Our office can assist in reviewing and advising you on your charge, identifying and preparing a defence and bringing your matter to trial, or making a Plea in Mitigation on your behalf and, if appropriate, making an application for a spent conviction order.

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