If you are charged with an offence or offences under the Road Traffic Act or any associated legislation in Western Australia, your matter is considered a criminal case, and is prosecuted by the Police and heard in a designated court known as Traffic Court.

Similar to ordinary criminal charges, the more serious the charge, the harsher the potential penalty is likely to be. Considerations which can impact upon potential penalties include: 

  • The damage suffered by the victim or complainant; 
  • The circumstances in which the incident occurred; 
  • Any admissions made at the time of arrest; and 
  • The intentions of the parties at the time of the incident.

Penalties vary depending on which charges and how many charges you are facing, with reference to any history of violence and the circumstances in which the incident occurred. In relation to traffic offences, penalties often include a mandatory or minimum period of disqualification from driving or holding a licence.

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At Dwyer Durack, our drink driving lawyers can assist in preparing a defence and bringing your matter to trial, identifying viable legal defences, making a Plea in Mitigation on your behalf and, if appropriate, making an application for a spent conviction order.

If you have lost your licence as a result of a traffic offence and you must be able to drive as a requirement for your job, our traffic offence lawyers can advise you in relation to making an application for an Extraordinary Drivers Licence.  

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