Our family and de facto lawyers regularly act in and employ Alternative Dispute Resolution conferences (“ADR Conferences”) such as Family Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration to assist parties to resolve their family law dispute. Whilst on occasion, it may be necessary to commence Court proceedings, ADR Conferences (when appropriate) often provide a more cost effective and expedient alternative.

At Dwyer Durack, our team of mediation lawyers in Perth offer family mediation services to former couples following a relationship breakdown or divorce. Providing an alternate pathway to settle your finances, debts and property loans, mediation is a respectful and unbiased approach for many couples.

Parties to parenting disputes, who are unable to resolve their dispute between themselves, are required to attend upon Family Dispute Resolution prior to commencing proceedings in the Family Court. There are exceptions to this requirement which include but are not limited to, issues of risk or family violence. 

Divorce Mediation Lawyers 

Whilst places like Relationships Australia convene Family Dispute Resolution, it is possible to expedite the process by attending a private Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Our divorce mediation lawyers are able to recommend Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and provide you with the information and mediation services you need to make decisions in the best interests of your children.

We otherwise assist parties to financial disputes to attempt to resolve their matter without going to Court by convening an informal conference or Mediation. Our team of family and de facto lawyers regularly advise and act for clients in these various forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution which often enables parties to jointly arrive at a more satisfying outcome for parties than one imposed by the Court.

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