Sometimes the situation arises where, in the course of trading under a liquor licence, it becomes the case that something in relation to the licence or Venue isn’t working, or needs to change, or could do with modernisation or amendment.

It may be open to a Licensee to make an Application to Alter or Redefine the Licensed Premises, or Add/Vary/Cancel a condition of their licence.


An Application for an Alteration or Redefinition of a Licensed Premises involves physical changes to the Venue, in that the licensed premises, whether the size, lay-out, licensed areas or entry or exit point may change.  If this requires you to alter the delineation of the boundaries of your licensed premises on the official plans lodged and approved by the Licensing Authority.

Our office can assist you with all aspects of your Alt/Redef from small amendments or large re-fits or sub-divisions of your Venue.

Add/Vary/Cancel (“AVC”)

An AVC Application is concerned with the trading conditions which are placed upon your licence. If there is a condition which is making trade unviable, or simply cannot be reasonably complied with – i.e. an overly-onerous security condition, or a prohibition on live music in a Venue seeking to host “open mic nights” it may be appropriate to lodge an application to vary or cancel the condition.

Our office can assist to identify the conditions which may be changed, suggested amended wording or replacement conditions, and can guide you through the process of lodging the Application through to determination by the Licensing Authority.

Alt/Redef and Add/Vary Applications are usually simple, straightforward and relatively cheap. Processing times vary but are largely dependent on the nature and extent of the change sought to be granted.  Generally speaking, processing times from lodgement to determination for Alt/Redef and Add/Vary Applications is significantly shorter than a new licence Application.

Contact our office today if you want to discuss an ACV, or Alt/Redef of your Venue.

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