An Extended Trading Permit (ETP) can be granted by the Licensing Authority to permit a Licensee to trade in a manner that they would otherwise not be permitted to under the primary liquor Licence.

There are multiple sub-categories of ETP which can be granted. In some circumstances, multiple ETP’s can be granted and attached to a single licence, in appropriate circumstances.

Categories of Permanent ETP include:

  • Ongoing Hours - to permit trade beyond the usual permitted hours
  • Liquor without a Meal (Restaurant Only – over or under 120 persons) – to permit Restaurants to sell liquor without a meal
  • Alfresco – to permit trade from an area without exclusive tenure
  • Area – to permit trade from an adjacent area not permitted under the licence
  • Dining Area (Nightclub, Producers and Hotel licence only) – to permit sale of liquor ancillary of a meal in a specified dining area
  • Lodgers/Residential Accommodation – permits restaurant licensee to sell and supply liquor at any time to lodged residing in accommodation operated by Licensee at same site as Restaurant.
  • Catering - permits Licensee to sell liquor as a caterer on specified premises not forming part of licensed premises under licence.
  • Late Delivery (Liquor Stores only) – permits delivery of liquor purchased during trading hours, outside regular trading hours.
  • Associations – Club Licences permitted to sell liquor to separate group of persons not members.
  • Cellar Door (Producers Only) - permits sale of liquor on premises from which Licensee would not otherwise be permitted.

It is also possible to seek what is known as a “One-off ETP”, where a Venue may wish to trade in a particular manner for a specified even for a specified limited duration. “One off” has been deemed to include a series of events, such as a month-long sporting tournament outside of trading hours (such as the World Cup).

If you would like to explore how the operation of an ETP may complement your existing or planned hospitality service, please contact our office to discuss.

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