As a Licensee, your obligations are numerous, onerous and ongoing. The requirement to ensure your Venue is and remains fully compliant with all relevant Legislation can be a never-ending task.

The Liquor Control Act imposes a number of obligations on Licensee, for which the Directors of a Licensee company can be held personally jointly or severally liable for failure to comply.

Dwyer Durack can provide you with guidance as to:

  • What your obligations are
  • How to ensure you are compliant with the Liquor Control Act, and Liquor Control Regulations
  • How to address any shortfalls or issues with your internal procedures
  • How to accomplish your desired outcome within the legislative and regulatory framework
  • When (and how) to make an Application if a change is going to occur.

Within these obligations, there are some which Licensees commonly overlook, or fail to be aware of which are worth taking note of:

  • Obligation to obtain approval for change in corporate structure (prior to change occurring), such as a change in shareholding, Director or the addition of a trust.
  • Application for change of Business Name
  • The requirement to ensure all Approved Managers (including Temporary and Restricted) are displayed in a prominent position
  • The requirement to retain control over the operation of the business (see Managing your Venue for more information on Management Agreements)
  • Putting operational measures in place to ensure the conditions of your licence and the legislation are complied with – i.e. House Management Policies, Code of Conduct, Staff Training Register and Incident Registers.
  • Ensuring no drunk persons or juveniles are served or supplied liquor in the Venue at any time.

Dwyer Durack can assist you with all aspects of your Licensee Obligation queries.

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