A liquor store licence permits a Licensee to sell liquor for consumption off the licensed premises only, otherwise known as packaged, or takeaway liquor.  Liquor stores can sell their liquor either online or from a physical store between the hours of 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 10pm on Sundays, unless extended by an Extended Trading Permit (Ongoing Hours).

There are no minimum or maximum limits on the sale of packaged liquor by liquor stores, and sales can be made to other liquor merchants, venues, clubs or direct to the public.

There are some restrictions on non-metro area liquor stores, so if your proposed Liquor Store is outside the metro area, our lawyers can assist you to overcome the additional hurdles you may face.

The Licensing Authority has adopted the position that the in considering the objects of the Liquor Control Act, the “public interest” in relation to takeaway liquor requires a consideration of the availability of existing takeaway liquor, and evidence of the demand for takeaway liquor.  Generally speaking, certain distance limits (whether 2km, 3km or 5km) policy considerations should be examined before an Application for a Liquor Store is lodged, to give an application the best possible prospect of success.

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