Section 117 of the Liquor Control Act grants the Licensing Authority the jurisdiction to receive and adjudicate Noise Complaints received in relation to Licensed Premises from Police, Local Governments or persons adversely affected by noise associated with a Licensed Premises. Most Noise Complaints originate from persons residing within the locality of the Venue, i.e. neighbours.

There are various requirements associated with a Noise Complaint lodged with the Licensing Authority, including that it is usually required to be signed by 3 adults, including the primary complainant, although this requirement can be waived by the Licensing Authority in some circumstances.

Noise complaints can become burdensome and expensive to address, if they reach the stage of having been received by the licensing Authority.

It is usually easiest to engage with the complainants at a lower level, whether Local Government, or through another form of dispute resolution.  This is best achieved through a lawyer with a thorough understanding of not only the liquor licensing and hospitality legislation and requirements, but also a detailed understanding of operating requirements and a history of liaising with and negotiating with various stakeholders, including Police and neighbours.

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