Producers Licence

A Producer’s Licence permits a Licensee to sell any type of liquor produced directly under (or personally by) the control of that Licensee. Wine is deemed to have been produced by a person if the grapes grown on the Licensee’s property. Beer and spirits are deemed to have been produced by a person if it was brewed or distilled on the Licensed Premises, in certain volumes relating to potential yield of crops. A producer may, however, also sell and supply liquor that has been produced by someone else, provided that that liquor is consumed with a meal (ie: a producer of craft beer can sell wine, provided that the wine is consumed with a meal)

Producers Licences generally permit tastings to take place on licensed premises, and applications by Producers to also sell and supply liquor for consumption on the licensed premises are determined on a case-by-case basis, and require further certain approvals from the Local Shire.

A Producer’s Licence authorises the sale of liquor by telephone and internet.

A Producer’s Licence can be an attractive option for someone with a dedicated Venue designed to cater to patron’s physical attendance, as well as Producers who may not necessarily want to make sales direct to the public face-to-face. It is a flexible, useful category of licence, designed to capture all persons wishing to produce and sell their own liquor, no matter the business model.

Wholesalers Licence

A Wholesalers Licence authorises a Licensee to sell liquor for consumption off licensed premises primarily to liquor merchants.

In limited circumstances, a holder of a Wholesalers licence is also permitted to sell direct to the public, in quantities of not less than 4 litres, and such sales must comprise no more than 10% of the gross sales turnover. There are certain provisions relating to the storage of liquor for a Wholesalers Licence which is necessary given the minimum quantities required to be sold.

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