A restaurant licence authorises the sale and supply of liquor ancillary to a meal to patrons seated at a table. The focus of a Venue seeking a Restaurant Licence should be the provision of food, with the sale of liquor considered to be secondary to the food aspect of the business.

A Restaurant must provide substantial food capable of being considered a meal, and must be consumed at a table, usually requiring the provision of utensils such a cutlery as well.

Venues wishing to trade in a certain way can seek to pair a Restaurant Licence with one or more Extended Trading Permits, such as for Liquor Without a Meal, or an Alfresco area. Our Liquor Licensing team can help to identify the most appropriate and convenient combination of licence/permit to help your Venue vision become a reality, and ensure that you can trade the way you want to trade.

A Restaurant Licence has few restrictions on trading hours, and can trade 24 hours a day in most circumstances. Contact our office today to discuss whether a Restaurant Licence could be right for your Venue.

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