A Special Facility Licence (“SFL”) permits a Licensee to sell liquor in accordance with the conditions imposed on the licence based on the tenor of the business. In this way, an SFL can be granted to authorise the sale and supply of liquor at niche Venues which might otherwise not fit within a clearly defined category of licence.

There are a number of specific sub-categories of SFL, including:

  • Amusement Venue
  • Auction
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Catering
  • Education and Training Course / Institute
  • Foodhall
  • Online Wine Sales
  • Reception of Function Centre
  • Room Service
  • Sports Arena
  • Theatre or Cinema
  • Tourism
  • Works Canteen
  • Sale of Packaged Liquor

In order to be permitted to trade under an SFL, an Applicant must establish that the tenor of the business to be operated under the licence is consistent with, and fits within, one of the defined categories as set out above. In most circumstances, where more than one category of licence may be appropriate (e.g. a Special Facility Licence or a Tavern (Restricted)) it is possible to lodge an application stating it to be “in the alternative”, meaning that even if the criteria of the grant of an SFL is not met, it is still possible for the Licensing Authority to grant an alternative class of licence after having considered the same evidence, without the need to re-apply entirely.

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