Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Dwyer Durack are able to conduct all types of litigation matters, ranging from highly complex intellectual property (IP) matters, through to simple contractual disputes. This allows our clients to have the benefit of highly skilled practitioners that are experienced in conducting a broad range of matters and appearing in all Courts and Tribunals of Western Australia. 

Here at Dwyer Durack, our contract lawyers have a strong commercial perspective and appreciate the costs (financial and non-financial) of lengthy court proceedings. They are oriented to use strategic negotiation to achieve timely and cost efficient resolutions to disputes in a way that best achieves the client’s objectives and requirements, through informal negotiations and alternate dispute resolution. As such, it is essential that legal advice is obtained as soon as possible. Whether you require a defamation lawyer or advice for an intellectual property dispute, our team of civil litigation lawyers can help you.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is inevitable and necessary to commence or defend legal proceedings and, in these situations, we can outlina cost effective and practical strategy that vigorously protects our clients’ interests. 

At Dwyer Durack, our defamation lawyers represent a range of clients including high net worth individuals, small and medium sized enterprises, larger national companies, trustees and executors.

Our experienced team of contract and civil litigation lawyers are able to assist in the following areas: 

  • Contractual Disputes 
  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes 
  • Estate and Inheritance Disputes 
  • Property Disputes 
  • Leasing Disputes 
  • Building and Construction Disputes 
  • Debt Recovery 
  • Trade Practices Issues 
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy 
  • Strata Disputes

For tailored advice specific to your dispute, please call our team of litigation lawyers today. You can also visit our office atLevel 8, 40 St Georges Terrace, Perth, for a confidential discussion in a comfortable environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a dispute but I do not wish to go to court. What are my other options?

If you have a dispute which you cannot resolve you should seek the advice of a litigation lawyer from the outset. We can assist you to correspond with and negotiate with the other party to try and seek to reach an informal resolution of the dispute. It is always in the interest of all parties to a dispute seek to negotiate a resolution (such as mediation) before court proceedings are commenced.

What should I do if I am being sued?

You should seek to contact a litigation lawyer as soon as you have been served with court documents as there are strict Court deadlines. If this relates to your business or a personal claim, our team of experienced litigation lawyers can provide advice and provide you with representation.

How long will my litigation matter take to finalise?

The duration of any litigious matter depends on varied issues at hand, as there are strict Court processes for each party to follow. Ultimately it depends on the situation, your chosen course of action, the desired outcome and the attitude of the opposing party. Contact us to discuss all your litigation needs.

Will you act for me?

We act for a range of parties including plaintiffs, defendants, creditors, debtors, administrators, insolvency practitioners, company directors, third parties, applicants and respondents. Contact us for effective and practical representation.

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